Emma Roth
Aspiring theatre student; fascinated by theatrical design, political thought, and their interactions.
    2630 Lillian Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48104



This is a sampling of my work, intended for college and scholarship applications.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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     My Outside Face

I've recently become obsessed with odd juxtapositions and oxymorons: I've completed personal research on historical perceptions of women as both divine and beastly; I've taken to reading in swimming pools and; I really like flowers and screws. They both remind me of theatre, but I really enjoy the harsh, thorny quality of screws combined with the softness of flowers. This specific piece is a self-portrait therapy mask.

Sunday Morning Self Portrait

My best friend and I assign each other poetic & artistic works for every other Sunday, and then meet (as often as we can) at poetry circles, or just together, to reflect. This self-portrait came out of those assignments, and is the result a sleepy Sunday morning.

On Rapid Wings

Last summer, after listening to "Hamilton: An American Musical," I read Alexander Hamilton's biography and was particularly drawn to his poetry: "On rapid wings I cleave the sky." I subsequently drew many partial wings and wrote out far too many quotes, but enjoyed all of it.

100 Planes Poster

After reading and co-scenic designing Lila Rose Kaplan's "100 Planes" for BUSTI 2016, I created a mock poster for a possible production of the play (complete with direction by a fellow BUSTI member).

Paper Plates

At the end of the school year, the PTG student board members create paper plate awards for all the cast and crew. These are a few of the paper plates I made -- my personal favorite is "The Secret Bob Ross Fan" award.

PTG Houses

Pioneer Theatre Guild has long had a problem with both actor/techie relations and underclassman vs. upperclassman cliques. To alleviate some of the tension (and partly as a result of an all-summer Game of Thrones binge) I created a PTG house system, wherein the student board members organize meetings and bonding activities for their houses. The houses are an even mixture of grades and roles in the productions and have, so far, worked to help ease tensions and create a happier atmosphere.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Poster

PTG's 2016 workshopped production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was one of the first in the country on the high school level. It was directed by University of Michigan students, as are most of our shows, and I was given the opportunity to create the poster for this show.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This production was scenic designed by the PTG technical director, Mysti Plummer, and I was thankful to be the Sets Crew Crewhead for this show. I think it was absolutely gorgeous and I had incredible fun creating giant bells out of hula hoops and a stained glass window out of lighting gels.

Hunchback and 2016

PTG performed Hunchback for elementary and middle school students the day after the 2016 election. Many Pioneer students felt shocked and horrified, and didn't know what to do with themselves. I wrote this piece to try to alleviate some of the pain and posted it around the theater.

FutureStars 2017 Poster

FutureStars, a Pioneer-based talent competition, has long been dominated design-wise by five pointed stars and cityscapes. As a child raised with "Star Trek" and songs about Apollo 13, I wanted to take it in a different direction: toward actual stars. Throughout the poster & scenic design I incorporated constellations and space-related elements to play off the title of the competition.

FutureStars: 2017 Groundplan and Model

In designing platforming, I had to use parts left over from Hunchback, simply because we had little time to build more, but was able to add and move to fit the shape I wanted. The model pictured is missing part of the stairs (as they were lost to the depths of my technical director's office), but shows the galaxy-themed painting.

FutureStars: 2017 Photo

In the final design, I was able to incorporate swatches of fabric (one of which had a painted UFO at the top) and a stardrop (a curtain covered in LED lights) to complete the space theme.

Lost in Yonkers Lighting Design

After working several shows as a lighting technician, I was invited to design lighting for "Lost in Yonkers" for PTD Productions. This show involved many practicals, and I was able to work with the scenic designer to have light filtering through a window to create moonlight during night scenes.

TEDx Poster and Set

As the TEDx Youth Ann Arbor tech committee head, I was able to assist in poster design, design the set, and operate cameras during the talks. Featured here are the poster and a picture of the set. The theme for the year was UniTED, and my committee worked to create a sense of unity and yet individuality through string-art-like designs.

Prospect High: Brooklyn Technical Drawings

While we ended up using stock flats for most of the Prospect set, my technical director had me create technical drawings for flats to build as a part of the individualized class I was taking with her at the time.

Prospect High: Brooklyn Poster Photography and Design

Pioneer High School was selected to perform Roundabout Theatre’s “Prospect High: Brooklyn,” as part of the play’s rolling world premiere in high schools. The play follows the story of teenagers in Brooklyn’s Prospect High School as they battle through issues surrounding race, gender, immigration status, abuse, and suicide, while still entrenched in today’s teenage culture. In designing the poster, I wanted to capture the isolation and pain in their experiences through photography, along with the confining nature of high school through defined lines of text. The photo was bought by Roundabout and is now featured on the play’s website, along with the font chosen for the poster: prospecthighbrooklyn.com.

The Crucible Drafts

I am currently working on scenic designing The Crucible for PTG. Featured here is a template for the theatre space, the Little Theatre, along with a draft of a floor plan. The last image is a sketch of trees to frame the stage. Both the director and I are fascinated by the play's woods and wanted to incorporate it into the production. I am currently planning on creating beech-like trees, with collaged drawings from the 1600s and newspaper clippings from the age of McCarthyism and from today.

An Open Letter to the Old Man Who Called Me Sweetie - or - A Look at Women

I wrote this personal essay as a "Free XP" assignment for my AP 11 English class - in essence, the assignment required that we speak as freely as we wished, on a subject of our choice, and read the piece to the class. I wrote this open letter both to vent about a recent experience in theatre, and to explore gender dynamics throughout the theatre industry as a whole.